[Star Wars] Google Easter Egg

नमस्ते Google has an awesome treat for all the Star Wars fans 🙂 Open up Google Chrome and enter the following query in URL bar - "a long time ago in a galaxy far far away" and see the magic. Here's a small preview of the page if you the Easter egg isn't available. May … Continue reading [Star Wars] Google Easter Egg

[Android] Fix Rendering Issues in Android Studio

नमस्ते While creating a new android project using Android Studio I came across a Rendering error when I try to open the 'Design tab' on any layout xml file. Solution: Open up the styles.xml file. It would be under res/values/ folder in your app directory. Change the following line to Here, we have added Base … Continue reading [Android] Fix Rendering Issues in Android Studio

[Fedora] Add self signed certificate to list of trusted certificates

नमस्ते Today I am going to show you how to add a self signed certificate to the list of trusted certificates in fedora. I was trying to install some packages on fedora and was getting SSL errors while I was connected to my university WiFi (which makes use of self signed certificate). In order to … Continue reading [Fedora] Add self signed certificate to list of trusted certificates

[GSoC 2015] Dependency calculation using libsolv

नमस्ते After the Mid-Term Evaluations I started working on dependency calculation module. I added a procedure mportinstall in macports.tcl file which in turn calls dep_calc procedure in macports_libsolv.tcl. There was already a mportexec procedure which was called by port.tcl and the dependency calculation and conflict resolution was handled by mportexec. So we modified port.tcl to … Continue reading [GSoC 2015] Dependency calculation using libsolv

[GSoC 2015] Mid-Term Evaluations

Hola Amigos, I was at FUDCon 2015, Pune from 25th June to 28th June, 2015. At the same time, GSoC 2015 Mid Term evaluations was scheduled which I successfully passed :). My mentor, neverpanic, was really helpful and we did schedule our timeline accordingly. We finished up implementing search using libsolv and successfully set up … Continue reading [GSoC 2015] Mid-Term Evaluations

[GSoC 2015] Implement libsolv Search

Hola Amigos, Okay first I am going to show how you can clone and test my MacPorts Development branch and set it up safely so that it does not interfere with the installed MacPorts version. And then we will be setting up libsolv from upstream to test our search implemented using libsolv. Setting up MacPorts … Continue reading [GSoC 2015] Implement libsolv Search