[OpenGL] Running OpenGL program on Mac OS X

नमस्ते Today I am going to show how you can run OpenGL programs on your Mac OS X through command line (Terminal.App). 1. Use the header file "GLUT/glut.h" and not "GL/glut.h" 2. main function should return an integer type value. E.g. 3. Run the program by using the following command: We are passing -Wno-deprecated flag … Continue reading [OpenGL] Running OpenGL program on Mac OS X

FUDCon ’15: A Speaker’s Diary

Hola Amigos, It's been quite some time now that I have updated my blog due to my busy schedule, GSoC 2015 and campus placements!. So today I am going to share my experience at FUDCon 2015, Pune. I had proposed a session on "Python Code profiling using line_profiler" at fudcon.in. One fine day around the … Continue reading FUDCon ’15: A Speaker’s Diary

Installing Scheme on Mac OS X

Hola readers, Many questions might have come across your mind on seeing the title. It says installing 'Scheme'. Well I am not talking about any offers or daily schemes :P. Scheme is a functional programming language, a variation to LISP programming language. And other thing that might come across would be why am I talking … Continue reading Installing Scheme on Mac OS X

Contributing to Open Source: First Bug Fix

Hey amigos! Well if you reached here by googling 'Bug fix' or similar, or are following me:). This might help you get started with contributing to Open Source or bug fixing. First of all I tried contributing to Debian, as I was already packaging for Debian-Diaspora. But later I found Debian a bit difficult in … Continue reading Contributing to Open Source: First Bug Fix

Getting Started with TopCoder: SRM-585

19th July, 2013: Today was SRM (Single Round Match) 585 in TopCoder. The event was scheduled at 20.30 IST (Indian Standard Time '+0530 GMT'). Registrations started about 3 hours before the event. This was my first event on TopCoder. I used to practice on TopCoder and had solved around 25 problems until my first event. … Continue reading Getting Started with TopCoder: SRM-585

Getting Started With TopCoder.

TopCoder is a portal for coders/programmers preparing for competitions like ACM ICPC,etc. TopCoder Registration. After registering you need to download the TopCoder applet. TopCoder Applet. Click on TCHS logo to download the applet. And select Run/Install. After Download is complete, open the 'ContestAppletProd.jnlp' file from the Download location. Now you will see the TopCoder portal, … Continue reading Getting Started With TopCoder.