[GSoC 2015] Dependency Calculation using libsolv

Hola amigos, Finally, much awaited dependency calculation post is here. First let me give you a general idea on what dependency calculation mean. 1. Recursively calculating Dependencies: Dependency calculation means to calculate the dependent packages of a software e.g., A depends on B, C, D to work. So we will need all the 3 packages … Continue reading [GSoC 2015] Dependency Calculation using libsolv

[GSoC 2015] Dependency calculation using libsolv

नमस्ते After the Mid-Term Evaluations I started working on dependency calculation module. I added a procedure mportinstall in macports.tcl file which in turn calls dep_calc procedure in macports_libsolv.tcl. There was already a mportexec procedure which was called by port.tcl and the dependency calculation and conflict resolution was handled by mportexec. So we modified port.tcl to … Continue reading [GSoC 2015] Dependency calculation using libsolv

[GSoC 2015] Mid-Term Evaluations

Hola Amigos, I was at FUDCon 2015, Pune from 25th June to 28th June, 2015. At the same time, GSoC 2015 Mid Term evaluations was scheduled which I successfully passed :). My mentor, neverpanic, was really helpful and we did schedule our timeline accordingly. We finished up implementing search using libsolv and successfully set up … Continue reading [GSoC 2015] Mid-Term Evaluations

[GSoC 2015] Implement libsolv Search

Hola Amigos, Okay first I am going to show how you can clone and test my MacPorts Development branch and set it up safely so that it does not interfere with the installed MacPorts version. And then we will be setting up libsolv from upstream to test our search implemented using libsolv. Setting up MacPorts … Continue reading [GSoC 2015] Implement libsolv Search

[GSoC 2015] Setting up MacPorts libsolv branch

Hola Amigos, Here I am going to show how to setup and install my MacPorts development branch (gsoc15-dependency) and libsolv. Step 1: Clone my development branch inside ~/Development folder probably so that we do not mess up other folders/files. You are free to do it in your preferred folder too. If you do not have … Continue reading [GSoC 2015] Setting up MacPorts libsolv branch

[GSoC 2015] Week 1: Create libsolv bindings for Tcl

Hola amigos, 1stWeek: 25stMay, 2015 - 31stMay, 2015 Now we are into the coding phase of GSoC 2015. First we finished going through the pysolv, python bindings of libsolv which helped us a lot to understand what all stuff libsolv can do for us. We had to find a way for the libsolv to work … Continue reading [GSoC 2015] Week 1: Create libsolv bindings for Tcl

[GSoC 2015] Community Bonding

Hola amigos, Google Summer of Code results were announced on 27th April, 2015 and I was one of the selected students. After the results the "Community Bonding" period starts till 25th May, 2015. What is Community Bonding? In Community Bonding, we get to know more about the project, mentor(s), other developers, etc. It is a … Continue reading [GSoC 2015] Community Bonding

GSoC 2015: The MacPorts Project

Hola amigos, I am happy to announce that I have been selected for GSoC 2015 as a student developer with 'The MacPorts Project'. My project is titled "MacPorts: Improve Dependency Calculation using SAT solver.". The proposal can be found here. I will be posting all the weekly updates over here, and also document everything. So … Continue reading GSoC 2015: The MacPorts Project