[WhatsApp] : Disable Read Receipts

Hola amigos,

I had previously posted about the Blue ticks in WhatsApp. Well, if you are troubled by the feature and want to disable the read receipt feature then follow these steps:

Download WhatsApp.apk from the Official WhatsApp website. (You will get the latest version that are not yet released on the Play Store)

Download WhatsApp.apk

Install this on your Android Device and then Follow the steps to enter account number and restore messages. WhatsApp will be updated if it is already installed on your device.

Now Goto Settings->Account->Privacy and deselect read receipts option.

Read Receipts on

Read Receipts On

Read Receipts Off

Enjoy and happy WhatsApping :)

P.S: Always make a backup of your chats before installing WhatsApp.

Let the Windows be open, and feel the Freedom.

[WhatsApp] : Blue Ticks on actual Message Read

Hola Amigos,

I noticed Blue colored double ticks today (6 November, 2014) ✓✓ (thought it is something special from WhatsApp on my birthday). Then I realized it is something that WhatsApp have been working on from sometime now.

The regular double mark has been reason of lot of problems, fights and breakups (noted by a blog post) :P as one cannot make out if the message is delivered only or actually been read too by the recipient and not been replied back.

Just now saw a post on Facebook that this too will be a reason for broken friendships and relations as now we can actually see if the person has seen the message and just ignored it :P.

There will be always two sides for everything (good and a bad). Well atleast now we can know for sure if the recipient has checked the message or not.

Let the Windows be open, and feel the Freedom.

[OSFY] : Protect Your System against ShellShock bug

Hola amigos,

Sharing my Third article in Open Source For You (Asia’s largest Open Source magazine), November 2014 Edition. Along with it my tip on Linux partition resizing is published too :) \m/

You can follow this link for Linux partition resizing

Download the pdf here: Protect your system against ShellShock bug

Test and protect your system ASAP and happy browsing :)

Let the Windows be open, and feel the Freedom.

[Review] Fifa 15:Demo at a Glance

Hola Amigos,

Most of my posts were about Open Source and technology related, but recently I got my hands on the most recent Fifa 15: Demo. In this post I am going to share my experience and tell you about what differences I found in Fifa 15 over Fifa 14.

Reference: http://www.ps4fans.net

Fifa 15

The graphics is lot better than what Fifa 14 had. The gameplay and ball control is just awesome and realistic. The player movements still seem artificial.

Gameplay of Fifa 15: Demo: (more would be added after release of Fifa 15: ultimate edition)

Ref: https://eaassets-a.akamaihd.net

Fifa 15 Graphics

1) The Intro video is just amazing with life-like graphics and it feels like you are watching live telecast of the match. You can even see ‘EA HD Live’ on top right corner.

2) Match trailer (wait on the home screen for some time when it asks to ‘Press Start’) is just amazing.
The grass looks like it is real and you can actually get that feeling like standing on the grass in the middle of the stadium.

3) Liverpool vs Man City (Barclay’s PL final)starts immediately and you are Liverpool and have to save the title and emerge as the winner.

4) *Hint* Watch the match intro completely, the team would line up together and match would start just like a real match.
All the cameramen would line up in the front and the players as well as the crowd would be focused from different angles (If you skip the video, you would miss out the player radar at the bottom).

5) Referee would bring the ball and place it at the center for the kickoff.

6) You can End match and select another team; only few clubs are available in demo.

7) Goalkeeper mechanism has been improved a lot and he actually saves the goal and moves from its place.

Ref: http://www.easports.com/

Fifa 15 Goalkeeper

Even the defenders would clear the ball and try to avoid ball from going for a corner or throw in. (I really like the AI that the players have).

8) While playing in Legendary mode, it really feels like playing with the real players. Creation of opportunities, ball control and assist is very good for a CPU.

9) If you win with Liverpool you can see a grand ceremony at the end.
Man city players would be sad (They would be lying on the ground and holding their heads in defeat) and Liverpool players would come together and celebrate (Players hug each other and they would run and slide on the ground). There were sparkles everywhere and the crowd went crazy.
The officials will be giving the trophy and camera would be flashing from everywhere.

Ref: http://media1.gameinformer.com

Fifa 15 Emotions

10) Then the match highlights would begin. The crowd reaction has been improved a lot. You can notice different crowd reactions while a player scores or the team misses a goal or the goalkeeper saves an important ball.

11) Two new Player Mentality have been added (All out Attack and Defence).

12) We can view Match Highlights (Goals, Saves and other events in the match) after the match ends.

13) Fifa 15 has an all new interface to manage the team and formations.

14) Player performance and ratings view have also been revamped and given a new look.

[Mozilla] Firefox: Extra space at the bottom of page in new window

Hola amigos,

After the recent update of Firefox Browser to version 31.0 I noticed empty space at the bottom of the page whenever I open a new window (not a new tab) and as usual asked on IRC and then filed a bug here.

I was then suggested to restart Firefox in safe mode by disabling all the add-ons. To do so follow the steps here.

I also tested it under a different profile (in my case a new profile). To create a new profile follow the steps here.

In both of the above troubleshooting method I was unable to reproduce the bug. So I could easily conclude that there was some compatibility issue with add-on and the updated version of Firefox as same kind of issues were reported on bugzilla few years back. As it was all resolved I had to report a new bug.

If you want to skip all the above methods, then follow these steps:

  1. Goto Tools->Add-Ons (or Press ⇧+⌘+A).
  2. Select Extensions.
  3. Disable one plugin at a time (Restart browser if required).
  4. Open up a new window (⌘+N).
  5. If the empty space if still there then repeat steps 3 to 5

When you find the extension that is causing the issue you can keep that one disabled and enable the other plugins that you disabled and continue using Firefox normally.

Let the Windows be open, and feel the Freedom.

[OSFY] : Improve Python Code by Using a profiler

Hola amigos,

I am glad to inform you all that I have successfully published my Second article for ‘Open Source For You (OSFY)’ magazine, September 2014 Edition, titled ‘Improve Python Code by Using a Profiler‘.

To download and view the article please click on the above link.

In this article I have shared about using line_profiler for python (referenced from my earlier blog post).

Hope you enjoy reading this article. Your love for my blog and articles encourage me to write more articles in future and keep on sharing the knowledge with everyone :)

Let the Windows be open, and feel the Freedom.

[Mac OS X] Unable to move/empty files from Trash.App

Hola amigos,

I had installed an application on my Mac OS X and then found it to be not of any use for me. I moved the application from the ‘Application’ folder to the Trash and then emptied it. It was normal for the Finder to ask for administrator password as I was trying to remove an application file.

Later on, I was deleting some files to free up disk space when I realized that the Finder was again asking for admin password and I could see the Trash empty (I thought it is directly deleting the files without moving it into the Trash; for the time being). I tried on multiple files in different folders and found the same ‘Finder wants to make changes. Enter your password to allow this.’

Enter admin password popup

Enter admin password popup

This popup comes every time you try to move files to Trash or while emptying the Trash.

This problem usually arises because while emptying the Trash, the owner or user privileges gets modified and only the root/administrator can access it.

To fix this problem, simply open up your Terminal and type the following command:

sudo chown your_user_name ~/.Trash

The above command will change owner (chown) of the Trash (location: ~/.Trash; ~ – Home path, .Trash – ‘.’ meaning hidden file) to your ‘user name’ and give read/write permissions to it. We use sudo to give administrator privilege to make the changes and you have to enter your admin password once.

You can also use this command to give access privileges for particular files/folders to other users.

Note: Some users might have also noticed that the Trash is not getting cleared ever after you click ‘Empty the Trash’ and it shows successful. (The above method in not tested yet though for this particular problem, but you can always try it out and share it with everyone here).

Hope this helps you :) Leave your queries in the comment and will get back to you.

Let the Windows be open, and feel the Freedom.